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Hello Orange County Residents! 

My name is Vicki Elaine Felder and I am the best choice and voice to have a seat on the Orange County School Board, representing District 5. You may ask, how am I the best candidate? Simply because I am an educator, not a politician. As a lifelong Orlando resident, I know that education is a labor of love and the greatest reward has been the success of my students. With more than 39 years of experience in education, I have chosen to be accountable to deliver high expectations to children that dare to dream of a future, beyond the confines of their circumstances. 


I have learned in my years as an academic that anyone can be responsible, but accountability requires commitment, dedication and trust. Continuously, I strive to provide an optimal educational experience, to equip students with positive tools that can be used throughout their lifetime.  My depth of knowledge and experience is essential to provide the Board with a much needed perspective that has stood the test of time. Our community doesn't need someone with ulterior motives, we need someone with pure intent whose tenure proves that they are here for the long haul to represent those that matter the most. I clearly understand and will advocate for the needs of students, parents, teachers, staff and the community. For nearly four decades, it's been an honor to stand in the trenches of education and now, I am ready to be the needed voice for District 5. Therefore, I humbly solicit your support and ask for your vote.